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Microbial Evolutionary Medicine – from theory to clinical practice.  S Breum Andersen, BJ Shapiro, C Vandenbroucke-Grauls, MGJ de Vos. 2018, PeerJ Preprint.

Ecology dictates evolution? About the importance of genetic and ecological constraints in adaptation. MGJ de Vos, SE Schoustra, JAGM de Visser. 2018, OSF Preprint.                  Published in EPL (Europhysics Letters), 2018, Volume 122, Number 5                                      Focus issue Evolutionary Modeling and Experimental Evolution

Polymicrobial infections: ecosystems with special properties. MGJ de Vos, JAGM de Visser, JWA Rossen, BJ Zwaan. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde, 2018, 162 (D2224) English abstract [PDF]

Interaction networks, ecological stability, and collective antibiotic tolerance in polymicrobial infections. MGJ de Vos, Zagorski M, McNally A, Bollenbach T. 2017, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2017, 114 (40), 10666–10671 [PDF][PDF SI]

Breaking evolutionary constraint with a tradeoff ratchet. MGJ de Vos, A Dawid, V Sunderlikova, SJ Tans. 2015, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (48), 14906-14911

Suppressive Drug Interactions between Antifungals. MGJ de Vos, T Bollenbach. 2014, Chemistry & biology 21 (4), 439-440. Preview

Optimality in evolution: new insights from synthetic biology. *MGJ de Vos, *FJ Poelwijk, SJ Tans. 2013, Current opinion in biotechnology 24 (4), 797-802. *Equal contribution.

Environmental dependence of genetic constraint. MGJ de Vos, FJ Poelwijk, N Battich, JDT Ndika, SJ Tans. 2013, PLoS Genet 9 (6), e1003580

Optimality and evolution of transcriptionally regulated gene expression.  FJ Poelwijk, PD Heyning, MGJ de Vos, DJ Kiviet, SJ Tans. 2011, BMC systems biology 5 (1), 128

Tradeoffs and optimality in the evolution of gene regulation. FJ Poelwijk, MGJ de Vos, SJ Tans. 2011, Cell 146 (3), 462-470

Multiple peaks and reciprocal sign epistasis in an empirically determined genotype-phenotype landscape.  A Dawid, DJ Kiviet, M Kogenaru, M de Vos, SJ Tans. 2010, Chaos 20 (2), 02xxxx

Revealing evolutionary pathways by fitness landscape reconstruction. M Kogenaru, MGJ de Vos, SJ Tans. 2009, Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology 44 (4), 169-174

Diversity of nifH gene pools in the rhizosphere of two cultivars of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) treated with contrasting levels of nitrogen fertilizer. MRR Coelho, M De Vos, NP Carneiro, IE Marriel, E Paiva, L Seldin. 2008, FEMS microbiology letters 279 (1), 15-22

Identification of the Missing Links in Prokaryotic Pentose Oxidation Pathways – evidence for enzyme recruitment. Stan JJ Brouns, Jasper Walther, Ambrosius PL Snijders, Harmen JG van de Werken, Hanneke LDM Willemen, Petra Worm, Marjon GJ de Vos, Anders Andersson, Magnus Lundgren, Hortense FM Mazon, Robert HH van den Heuvel, Peter Nilsson, Laurent Salmon, Willem M de Vos, Phillip C Wright, Rolf Bernander, John van der Oost. 2006, Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (37), 27378-27388

Reconstruction of central carbon metabolism in Sulfolobus solfataricus using a two-dimensional gel electrophoresis map, stable isotope labelling and DNA microarray analysis. Ambrosius PL Snijders, Jasper Walther, Stefan Peter, Iris Kinnman, Marjon GJ De Vos, Harmen JG Van de Werken, Stan JJ Brouns, John Van der Oost, Phillip C Wright. 2006, Proteomics 6 (5), 1518-1529.

A fast method for quantitative proteomics based on a combination between two‐dimensional electrophoresis and 15N‐metabolic labelling. APL Snijders, MGJ de Vos, B de Koning, PC Wright. 2005, Electrophoresis 26 (16), 3191-3199

Novel approach for peptide quantitation and sequencing based on 15N and 13C metabolic labeling. APL Snijders, MGJ de Vos, PC Wright. 2005, Journal of proteome research 4 (2), 578-585


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