Photostudio G.J. Vlekke / Fotovak B.V. Phone  0031-174-241537 The Netherlands www.gerardjanvlekke.nlI am an assistant professor at GELIFES at University of Groningen (The Netherlands) where I investigate the ecology and evolution of polymicrobial (infectious) ecosystems.

As a NWO VENI postdoctoral fellow at the laboratory of Genetics at Wageningen University  I investigate the evolution of antibiotic resistance and microbe-microbe interactions in polymicrobial infections.

During my postdoc in the Biophysics and Systems Biology group at IST Austria (group moved to Cologne) I worked on microbial interactions in bacterial communities derived from patients suffering from urinary tract infections, and antibiotic resistance.

During my PhD in the Biophysics group at AMOLF I studied genetic and environmental interactions that determine the course of evolution. The results were described using the fitness landscape metaphor.

Also, I am and have been involved in organisations that cover the social and political aspects of science. Currently I’m part of Wageningen Young Academy.



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